FAT Chance


Fat City's reputation for quality and durability began when Chris Chance first started frame building on his own in 1977. In the five years that he devoted to designing custom frames, he built criterium, time trial and long distance frames for road racing; and touring frames for outdoor adventurers and sag wagon tourists. Each frame was totally unique and together, they created Chris Chance's reputation for meticulous craftsmanship and skillful design. Works of art and artful work.



Fat Chance By 1982, Chris had become interested in off-road cycling and Fat City was born. He trained several apprentices and focused on one model in one color and several sizes. We tried tubing from a variety of sources (Tange, Columbus, Reynolds and aircraft stainless) and quickly acquired a reputation for nimble and super sturdy fillet brazed frames and box crown forks. They were bomb-proof and those were the early days of mountain biking.

August 1982 ad:


According to the Fat City Catalog "With the process change to TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding in 1984, Chris was able to reduce the weight and increase the strength of his frames. Then, he turned his attention to the raw materials, in an effort to improve upon what was then available. Working with True Temper offered him the opportunity to use his creativity and materials engineering skills and resulted in the creation of several custom butted and heat treated chrome-moly tube sets by 1987. Customers often ask us, Why True Temper and why seamed tubing? Its because the raw 4130 chrome-moly sheet steel True Temper starts exceptionally clean and the tubing is consistent in its metallurgical structure around its circumference. This is extremely important to the integrity of a welded joint. Impurities encountered in the tubing during welding will undermine the quality of the weld and we cant tolerate that. After all, we build our frames to outperform the competition and must scrutinize every detail. We have chosen to use True Tempers tubing exclusively because we have found it to be metallurgical cleaner than seamless tubing and garbage in, ultimately, means garbage out."

July 1984 ad



1985 December Kicker article:


1985 Bicycle Guide Kicker article:


1986 May Fat Chance Ti article:


1986 September press release for the Grove-built Hammerhead stem:


1987 First women's bike with shorter top tubes. About this time they changed from above the bottom bracket cable guides to a under bottom bracket plastic guide that was riveted on.


February Mountain Biking magazine review:


November 1987 Bicycle magazine article with several different mountain bikes including the Wicked Fat Chance:


Bike review from November:


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May 1988 Bicycle Guide article with a listing of Fat Chance racers:


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1989 Introduction of the Slim Chance Road bike and Yo Eddy. Top tubes began to slope on the mountain bikes and the sizing system was changed to "clothing" sizes.


June 1989 Fat Chance from Bicycle Guide magazine:


August 1989 Monster Fat article from Bicycle Guide:


1990 Models available include Wicked, Fat Chance, Yo Eddy, Random Tandem and Slim Chance road bike. The mountain bikes were available with Shimano Deore XT II or Suntour XC Pro Grease Guard components. The Wicked, Fat Chance and tandem were available in Fluorescent Orange, Porsche Red, Black and Kandy Wild Cherry as stock colors. The Slim was available in Kandy Wild Cherry or Kandy Oriental Blue. The Yo was stock in Fluorescent Yellow w/ Blue Metallic. There was a Wicked women's version available in the 16.5, 18 and 19.5 inch frame sizes which featured a 1" shorter top tube (ST model). The Fat model featured a 69 head tube, 17 1/8" stays and a 2" fork rake. The Wicked went to a 71 head tube and 1.75" fork rake while keeping the 17 1/8" stays. The Yo used a shorter 16 7/8" chain stay, the new Yo Eddy fork with 1.5" of rake, top tube cable routing, clearance for 2.5" tires, new thread in cantilever brake studs, oversize sloping top tube and a 29.4 mm seat post. The bikes still used the pressed in sealed cartridge bottom bracket.


Don Myrah, 1990 NORBA race, Campy equipped Fat:


July 1990 Random Tandem:


August 1990 Yo Eddy:


1991 Reggie Jackson built custom "urban bike":


1992 Models available include Slim Chance (road), Wicked Fat Chance, Monster Fat, Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance and the 10th Anniversary model. The 10th was made out of True Temper OX 3 tubing with a 1" Yo Eddy Fork. Each one featured a numbered titanium head badge and were painted a silver to violet fade. The stock components were Campagnolo Record OR and sizing was small, medium and large. The Yo was made of quad butted tubing and used the Yo Eddy fork with 1.5" of rake. The stock components were Shimano XTR and the frame was available in small, medium and large. Chain stays measured 16 7/8". Stock colors were black, yellow, metallic teal and Kandy Wild Cherry. The Monster Fat used 16 7/8" chain stays, top routed cables, sloping top tube, rear mono-stay and a Tange Strut fork. The stock color was black, sizes were small, medium and large and the stock components were Shimano Deore DX. The Wicked came stock with Shimano XTR components and the available stock colors were the same as the Yo. The Yo was available in 14", 16.5", 18", 19.5", 21" and 23". The 16.5", 18" and 19.5" frames were also available in the "ST" or short top tube model with a 1" shorter top tube. Listed in Bicycling magazine as having built 5,000 bikes to date.

1993 Models for 1993 include the Yo, Wicked Lite, Monster, Slim (road) and Ti Fat. The Yo featured the Yo Eddy fork, 29.4 mm seat post, 16 7/8" chain stays and was available in sm, sm/med, med, med/lg and lg. The Wicked Lite added top route cable guides, lighter tubing, hand built unicrown fork, 26.4 mm seat post, 17 1/8" stays and was available in 14", 16.5", 18", 18" ST, 19.5", 19.5" ST, 21" and 23". The Monster changes to a 29.4 mm seat post, 1.25" seat tube, mono stay rear end and 16 7/8" stays. Sizes are XS, S, M, and L. The new Ti Fat used a 1" head tube, suspension correct geometry, externally butted chain stays and down tube with domed stays. Sizes were XS, S and M with a 29.4 mm post, 16 7/8" stays and a Big One Inch fork. There were also some experiments being done with an Amp-style rear suspension bike in 1993.


August 1993 Ti Fat article from Bicycle Guide magazine:


October 1993 Yo Eddy! road fork:


1994 it was clear that if we didn't find someone with money and manufacturing management experience to come on board and invest in us, we weren't going to be able to carry on. And, so, after considering seven potential scenarios, we decided to join forces with Serotta Competition Bicycles, merge our operations and move to upstate New York. Models for 1994 were the Shock-A-Billy, Ti Fat, Yo Eddy, Buck Shaver, Wicked Lite and the Slim Chance road bike. The new Shock-A-Billy full suspension bike featured a quad butted cro-moly frame with an Amp rear end providing 2.75" of travel. The bike came in Team Violet and was available in s/m, m, m/l sizes and used a 29.4 mm seat post. The Ti Fat used the Big 1" fork, 29.4 mm seat post, 1 3/8" front derailleur and was available in xs, s, s/m, m, m/l and l. The Yo Eddy used the Big 1" fork, 29.4 mm seat post, 16 7/8" stays, and 1.24" front derailleur. The toothpick anti-chain suck device was included. Sizes were s, s/m, m, m/l and large in colors Team Violet, Aquamarine Fade, Cosmic Dust Fade and metallic charcoal. The new Buck Shaver replaces the Monster Fat as a less aggressive, less expensive bike. It was named for Pat Egan who was a Fat employee who died and was known for finding good deals. His likeness graces the head tube decal of the bike. The bike was available in Lime Green or Black, used a 29.4 mm post, had 16 7/8" stays, used Tange Struts fork and was available in xs, s, m and l sizes. The Wicked Lite featured the new suspension correct geometry, front and rear eyelets, a unicrown fork and was available in the same colors as the Yo. Sizes were 14", 16.5", 18", 19.5", 21" and 23". Rock Shox Mag 21 and Manitou 3 suspension forks were optional on the 1994 bikes.


1995 Models include the Chris Chance Road, Wicked Lite, Ti Fat, Shock-A-Billy, Yo Eddy and the Buck Shaver. The road frame features a new Yo Eddy road fork, oval chain stays and a larger 30 mm down tube. The Wicked Lite still uses the 26.4 mm seat post, eyelets and a unicrown fork. Sizes are 14, 16.5, 18, 19.5, 21 and 23. The Yo Eddy is 5 ounces lighter, uses the Yo Eddy Big 1" fork (suspension option) and 29.4 mm seat post. Sizes are s, s/m, m, m/l, and l. The Shock-A-Billy uses a Risse Racing shock with a forward pivot location and asymmetric stays. Seat post is 29.4 and the sizes are s, s/m, m, m/l and l. Colors for the road, Yo, Wicked and Shock-A-Billy are Aqua Fade, Sapphire Fade, Arrest Me Red! and Harlequin Fade. The Ti Fat uses new machine butted tubing, 29.4 mm post and a Yo Big 1" fork. Sizes are xs, s, s/m, m, m/l and l. The Buck Shaver comes in Black or Arrest Me Red! with a 29.4 post and Tange Struts fork. Sizes are limited to xs, s, m and l.


1996 Fat decided to split the companies up in 1996, did it in 1997, left the frame building operation in place in New York and moved the offices and distribution to Stowe, Vermont. The result of this split was the benefits of having a sister company and to maintain Fat's independence. Models for 1996 are the Shock-A-Billy, Yo Eddy, Chris Chance Road, Buck Shaver, Ti Fat and new Yo Betty versions of the Shock-A-Billy, Ti and Buck Shaver. The Shock-A-Billy changes to a 3" travel, Chance designed rear suspension. Sizes are s, s/m, m. m/l and large in Chameleon Metallic, Sapphire Fade, Harlequin Fade and Arrest Me Red! The Yo uses the same colors and sizes but adds an XL size. The Ti continues in the same sizes as the Shock-A-Billy. The Buck Shaver changes to the same suspension geometry as the Yo and is available in s, m and large. Colors are Black, Arrest Me Red!, Sapphire Purple and Sapphire Blue.


1997 New York built bikes include the new Bro-Eddy and Chris Cross cyclocross bike. The Ti Fat, Chris Chance Road and Yo Eddy continue. All bike switch to the 1 1/8" headsets. The Bro-Eddy uses the 16.75" stays and smaller diameter stays to give a less stiff ride than the Yo. Colors were Sapphire Purple or Sapphire blue in xs (Yo Betty), s, s/m, m, m/l and l. The Yo keeps the 16 7/8" stays and is corrected for a 2.5" suspension fork. Colors are Sapphire Fade, Sapphire Blue. Sapphire Purple, Chameleon Metallic, Chameleon Green and Chameleon Bronze in sizes s through xl. Ti continues in xs through l sizing.


1999 Models were Yo Eddy, Yo Betty, Team Ti Fat, Bro-Eddy, Chris Chance Road, Chris Cross and Ti Road. The Yo came in s though XXL in Sapphire Blue, Chameleon Metallic, Chameleon Green, Chameleon Bronze, Ferrous Metallic, Hot Lava, Cherry Love and Arrest Me Red!. The Yo betty was available in 10, 12, 14 and 16 frames in Blue, Black, Raspberry Ice and Arrest Me Red! The Team Ti was in xs through l. The Bro Eddy used smaller diameter tubing and was available in xs through l in Sapphire Blue, Arrest Me Red! and Glossy Black.

Frame numbers

Model Year Model Name Size Serial Number
1982 Fat Chance ? 8213
1983 Fat Chance 19" 836
1983 Fat Chance 21" 8317
1983 Fat Chance 21" 8322
1983 Fat Chance 17" 83124
1984 Fat Chance ? 8423
1984 Fat Chance 21" 84101
1984 Fat Chance 17.5" 84124
1985 Fat Chance 16" 4163
1985 Fat Chance 17.5" 85393
1986 Fat Chance ? 86014
1986 Fat Chance 19" 86537
1986 Fat Chance 16.5" 86430
1986 Fat Chance 19.5" 86846
1987 Fat Chance 15" w/ 24" rear wheel 87085
1987 Fat Chance ? 87259
1987 Wicked 18" 87097
1987 Wicked 18" 87291
1987 Wicked 21" 87511
1987 Fat Chance 21" 87517
1987 Fat Chance ? 87585
1987 Wicked 19.5" 87622
1987 Wicked 19.5" 87610
1987 Wicked 19.5" 87820
1987 Wicked 18" W87714
1987 Fat Chance 18" 87701
1987 Fat Chance 19"/20"? 87140
1987 Fat Chance ? 87886
1987 Fat Chance 21" 87971
1987 Fat Chance 21" 871320
1987 Fat Chance 18" 871446F
1988 Monster Fat (Wicked) 18" 11558W
1988 Wicked (F'n Fat) 18" 00708W
1988 Wicked 18" 00718W
1988 Wicked 18" 00738W
1988 Wicked 19" 00458W
1988 Fat Chance ? 09348F
1988 Fat Chance 18" 10858F
1988 Team Comp 16.5" 05428TC
1988 Monster Fat 18" 13268M
1989 Wicked 14" 03459W
1989 Wicked 19.5" 04869W
1989 Wicked 19.5" 05689W
1989 Wicked 21" 08759W
1989 Wicked 23" 01779W
1989 Wicked 19.5" 10209W
1989 Monster Fat (Wicked) 19.5" 15269W
1989 Wicked 19.5" 16539W
1990 Wicked  (short torso) 16" 166590
1990 Wicked  (short torso) 16" 13919W0
1990 Fat chance 19.5" 027C09
1990 Wicked 18" 339W08
1990 Wicked 18" 543W08
1990 Wicked 18" 588W08
1990 Wicked 18" 736W08
1990 Wicked 19" 051W09
1990 Yo Eddy 17" 043Z07
1990 Yo Eddy 17" 044Z07
1990 Yo Eddy 17" 055Z07
1990 Yo Eddy 17" 185Z07
1990 Yo Eddy 17" 006Z07
1990 Yo Eddy 19" 356Y09
1991 Wicked 19" 290W19
1991 Wicked 18" 723W18
1991 Wicked 14" 207W14
1991 Monster Fat Large 201M1L
1991 Monster Fat Large 0375M1L
1991 Monster Fat Large 0337M1L
1991 Monster Fat Large 197M1L 
1991 Monster Fat Medium 332M1M 
1991 Monster Fat Medium 356M1M 
1991 Yo Eddy Medium   888Y1M
1991 Yo Eddy Medium   033Y1M
1991 Yo Eddy Large   556Y1L
1991 Yo Eddy Medium   810Y1M
1991 Yo Eddy Large   543Y1M
1991 Yo Eddy Medium 282Y1M
1991 Yo Eddy Small 252Y1S
1991 Yo Eddy Small 748Y1S
1991 Yo Eddy Medium 781Y1M
1991 Yo Eddy Medium 911Y1M
1991 Yo Eddy Medium 951Y1M
1991 Yo Eddy Small 1068Y1S
1992 Slim Chance 52 cm 066S22
1992 Slim Chance 52 cm 068S22
1992 Slim Chance 54 cm 024S24
1992 10th ANNIVERSARY Medium 053A2M
1992 10th ANNIVERSARY Medium   113A2M
1992 10th ANNIVERSARY Medium/Large 133A2ML
1992 Yo Eddy Small 734Y2S
1992 Yo Eddy Medium 070Y2M
1992 Yo Eddy Medium 088Y2M
1992 Yo Eddy Medium 090Y2M
1992 Yo Eddy Medium 504Y2M
1992 Yo Eddy Small 733Y2S
1992 Yo Eddy Medium 799Y2M
1992 Yo Eddy Medium/Large 401Y2ML
1992 Yo Eddy Small/Medium 251Y2SM
1992 Yo Eddy Small/Medium 464Y2SM
1992 Yo Eddy Medium (w/ short top tube) 550Y2MS
1992 Monster Fat Small 232M2S
1992 Monster Fat Large 0061M2L
1992 Monster Fat Large 0096M2L
1992 Monster Fat Medium 197M2M
1992 Wicked 18" 023W28 
1992 TI FAT Medium 005T2M
1992 Slim Chance 52 066S22
1993 Wicked Lite 19.5" 319W39
1993 Monster Fat Medium 047M3M
1993 Monster Fat Medium 034M3M
1993 Buck Shaver Medium 075B3M
1993 Buck Shaver X Small 293B3XS
1993 Yo Eddy Medium 283Y3M
1993 Yo Eddy Medium/Large 350Y3ML
1993 Yo Eddy Medium/Large 176Y3ML
1993 Yo Eddy Medium/Large 710Y3ML
1993 Yo Eddy Small 395Y3S
1993 Yo Eddy Medium 561Y3M
1993 Yo Eddy Medium 643Y3M
1993 Yo Eddy Large 008Y3L
1993 Ti fat Medium 150T3M
1993 Ti fat Medium 099T3M
1993 Ti fat X Small 098T3XS
1993 Ti fat Medium 017T3M
1993 Ti fat Small 067T3S
1993 Ti fat Small 081T3S
1993 Ti fat Medium/Large 162T3ML.
1993 Ti fat Small 085T3S
1993 Ti fat Medium/Large 132T3ML
1993 Ti fat Medium/Large 274T3ML
1993 Shock A Billy Medium 032B3M
1994 Shock A Billy Medium/Large 19P4ML
1994 Buck Shaver Medium 183B4M
1994 Buck Shaver Medium 185B4M
1994 Buck Shaver Medium 274B4M
1994 Yo Eddy Medium 014Y4M
1994 Yo Eddy Medium   265Y4M
1994 Yo Eddy Medium 020Y4M
1994 Yo Eddy Medium 112Y4M
1994 Yo Eddy Medium 265Y4M
1994 Yo Eddy Small 207Y4S
1994 Yo Eddy Medium/Large 220Y4ML
1994 Yo Eddy Medium/Large 407Y4ML
1994 Beam Bike Small/Medium 001A4SM
1994 Ti Fat Large 016T4L
1994 Ti Fat Medium/Large 042T4ML
1994 Wicked 18" 002W48X
1994 Wicked 23" 071W43
1995 Buckshaver Medium BSM110
1995 Yo Eddy Medium YO M 1075
1995 Yo Eddy Large YO L 257
1995 Ti FAT Small/Medium TF SM 001
1995 Ti FAT Medium TF M 006
1996 Ti FAT Medium TF M 022
1996 Ti FAT Medium TF M 026
1996 Yo Eddy Small/Medium   YOSM2116
1996 Yo Eddy Large YO L 0451
1996 Yo Eddy Small/Medium YO SM 396
1996 Yo Eddy Medium/Large YO ML 1056
1996 Yo Eddy Medium YO M 1007
1996 Buck Shaver Medium BS M 088
1996 Buck Shaver X Small BS XS 201
1996 Shock A Billy Medium SB M 055
1997 Buck Shaver Medium BS M 057
1997 Buck Shaver Small BS S 1075
1997 Buck Shaver Medium BS M 1047
1997 Buck Shaver Medium BS M 1007
1997 Buck Shaver Medium BS M 1056
1997 Chris Chance 55 cm CH55137
1997 Chris Chance 60cm CH60125
1997 Yo Eddy Medium/Large YO ML 2001
1997 Yo Eddy Large YO L 2277
1998 Yo Eddy Small YO S 1088
1998 Yo Eddy Medium/Large YO ML 0448
1998 Yo Eddy Medium/Large YO ML 2168
1998 Yo Eddy Medium/Large YO ML 2468
1998 Yo Eddy Large YO L 2254
1998 Yo Betty 12" YB 12 032
1998 Chris Cross 59cm CX590014
1999? Bro Eddy Medium BE M 53
1999? Ti Fat Medium TFM1125
1999? Ti Fat Medium TFM1131
1999 Ti Fat Large TFL1149
1999 Ti Fat Medium TFM1151
1999 Ti Fat Medium/Large TFML1181
2000 Yo Betty 14" YB 14 029
2000 Yo Betty 10" YB 10 065
2000 Yo Eddy Medium/Large YO ML 2347  
2000 Yo Eddy Medium/Large YO  ML 2516
2000 Yo Eddy Large YO L 2554