1985 Mantis XCR Composite

Renneinsatz: 2011 STXC Freiburg (klick)

owner: Fraggle


Built in 1985 at Mantis Bicycle Company, Placentia California

Serial# X23111 (No. 11 of 1st batch)

Size 23"

Weight 12.6 Kg


SunTour XC groupset, the first specific MTB components made

3x6 speed friction shifting

Rollercam brakes front and rear


The Mantis Bicycle Company was founded by Richard Cunningham in 1981. He is not related to Charlie Cunningham of WTB.

He came from a racing-car, -motorbike background. After building steel frames for the first couple of years, he added a lightweight aluminium front triangle and named the bike XCR Composite. The chromed, bolt on rear stays are welded of thin wall steel tubing.

Typical 80s splatter paintjob.

Early type curved blades chromed fork.

The frame's got inserts to install a portage strap which is missing.

Richard Cunningham became the editor of Mountain Bike Action Magazine later.


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