1989 Klein TopGun

Renneinsatz: 2011 RBC Lugano (klick)

owner: Fraggle


Built in 1989 at Klein Bicycle Corp, Washington 98532 WA

Serial# TG1F6

Size 21"

Weight 11.5 Kg


Full Shimano Deore XT II M732 componentry

Index shifting with 7 Speed Hyperglide sprocket

2 finger brake levers

Shimano PD-M733 Comp pedals

Rear brake SunTour XC SE (self energizing) Pedersen offering increased heel clearance


Paint Scheme Patriot


It's the Klein top model of 1989.

With the Top Gun Klein introduced the new Mission Control bar/stem combo and the rear opening dropouts.


This bike model was only available for one year. The Hollywood Studios claimed the right for the name "Top Gun" for their famous film with Tom Cruise.