1989 Marin Team Titanium

owner: Fraggle


Built in 1989 at Litespeed Titanium Components Inc. Chattanooga Tennessee

for Marin Mountainbikes, San Anselmo California

Serial# 2124

Size 21"

Weight 11.3 Kg


Full Shimano Deore XT II M732 componentry.

Index shifting with 7 Speed Hyperglide Sprocket

2 finger brake levers

Cantilever brakes front and rear


In 1988 Marin shocked the industry with its titanium race bike with a retail price of 2500$. The first batch was made by Merlin Metalworks of titanium god Gary Helfrich.

This 89 Team Titanium with 1" Tange straight blade fork is from the 2nd batch, which was made by Litespeed.

It's a very lightweight frame with steep 74° seat- and 72° headangle. This full racing geometry comes out of the hands of Joe Murray 6-time NORBA National Champion, the first star of this new sport.