1988 GT Avalanche

restored by: Fraggle

owner: a GT freak


Built in 1988 in Japan for GT Bicycles, Huntington Beach 92648 CA

Serial# T8021

Size 22"

Weight 13.8 Kg


Suntour XC9000 top level components

Custom painted white derailleurs and shifters only available to this bike model

6 speed index shifting

GT Power Series heavy duty crankset

Dia Compe AD992 U-brakes and weird Dia Compe 290 levers


GT started as a BMX specialized company. The founder is Gary Turner whose initials appear in the company's name.

Their first MTB was the heavyweight cruiser type chromed Timberline in 83.

On the Avalanche, the 1988 top model, the triple triangle seatstay construction was introduced. This feature is the corporate identity up to today.

The Avalanche is a typical late 80's Tange Prestige tubing bike made in Japan sporting short 16.5" chainstays.

This kind of affordable high-end bike took over the market lead from the small US custom builders which had dominated the top segment to this point.

Rishi Grewal competed on an Avalanche for the GT All Terra Racing Team, before switching to the titanium Xizang in 1989.

GT became an image brand in the 90's driven by the popularity of trials rider Hans "no way" Rey.



Befehlsleiste am unteren Bildrand (Vollbildmodus)


Hans "No Way" Rey - mehrfacher Trial Weltmeister und seit Jahrzehnten GT Testfahrer

auf dem Avalanche